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 70 € all included
Valid for 3 years 
Mailing of the Approved Rating
in two cardboard folders and
available on the artist's website
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Your approved quotation file, combined with your Dictionary of Listed Artists, has been bringing me fine sales for 15 years. Thank you for your support. Serge HELLY

Thanks to your approved quotation, my sales order book has risen sharply. LANCIAUX J-M

Your quotation... the surest way to sell. Jeanne BLANC

My Agréée rating gives me immense pride and moral security. Thank you for your availability and seriousness. We artists are lucky to know you. France GAUTHIER GAUDESSE

I am delighted to be one of your quoted artists. Your approved quotation endorses my work and my exhibitions. The buyer is therefore reassured, because he knows that your opinion is a reference. Melanie BARON

I'd like to thank you warmly, because since my Cotation Agréée, I feel much more at ease in exhibitions, and I've had one sale after another. It has really helped me to feel reassured and to open up a space for myself, to win a prize at the international watercolour exhibition in Saint-Yriex la perche, and to feel that I belong, that of an artist. Régine MICHEL

I've been benefiting from your approved quotation for 21 years, which is an undeniable advantage when it comes to selling my works. What's more, one of my customers, who was the victim of a theft, asked his insurance adjuster to contact me. I gave him a copy of my approved quotation. He reimbursed the painting at the amount agreed by Christian Sorriano. Daniel LALLEMAND

I'd like to thank you for the seriousness and attention you gave me in order to obtain my Approved Quotation. I wasn't expecting you to be so involved. We had no fewer than 4 telephone conversations to obtain a genuine Cotation Agréée from an approved auctioneer and expert, which can only reassure clients, as it is an undeniable "plus" for artists trying to make a living from their work today. Jean-Pierre CRANINX

Dear Mr SORRIANO, thank you for your professionalism, your responsiveness and your invaluable discussions. Jean-Claude OUVRARD

I have received the two copies of the quotation approval and would like to thank you for them. They are very beautiful. Thank you also for the time and effort you invest in our artists. Joy DURAND (GYL)

A big THANK YOU for your welcome, your availability, your advice and the seriousness of your Cotation agréée as well as your advice on my works. Régine KRÜGER 

I acknowledge receipt of the 2 copies of my Approved Quotation. Thank you once again for your professionalism, your advice and your support. Claudine BARCLAYS

I would like to thank you for my Agréée quotation and for all the discussions you had with me by telephone. Dominique DESORGES

Thank you for my Approved Quotation, which is extremely useful to me both in France and abroad (China). Pierrick HER

I've received your Approved Quotation files, and I'd like to thank you for them. They're perfect, and you've given me a lovely Christmas present. Eric POTTIER

Thank you very much, it's a lovely gift that I'm going to put under a glass! It's a beautiful presentation that shows your seriousness and professionalism! Marie Laure ROMANET PRIN

I've received my Approved Quotation. It's a lovely document, and I'd like to thank you for it. I'm very happy to be working with you. Fanou MONTEL

Dear Mr SORRIANO, I can confirm that I have received my Approved Quotation. It is with great pleasure. Thank you very much. Marie-Claire PAPADACCI

I've just received my approved quotation, which was very well done. I would like to thank you for the high standards you have set. This will help to reassure collectors (both current and future). Helen UTER